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About Lizzy Lloyd Creative Designs

Hi, I'm Lizzy, a Creative Design & Marketing Genius based in London. I have been working in the education sector for over 12 years, and I have held various roles from graduate recruitment, website designer, events manager to marketing manager.

Over the years, I have developed my creative skills. Being able to use the latest design and video editing software means I can always support my clients with their vision.

I enjoy working with a variety of businesses in education, retail, hospitality, service, and product delivery.

Whether you are looking to design a new or revamp your existing website or would like regular content for a blog, business stationery design, and print or pretty much anything creative, then I can help. I am confident with every job I accept- I have a lot of happy clients to testify.

Book a free virtual consultation to discuss your project brief.

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Mama Juniors Website

Website Design & Maintenance

Educated Space Logo

Logo Design

Careers Event Planning

Careers Event

Business Print Design and Print

Business Stationery Design & Print

Angle Accountant Website

Website Design

Sharla Reviews Blog

Blog Design

Website Design

Starting a new business can be very exciting! After all the months of planning and then being finally ready for your first customer.

If you are selling, then a website is especially useful to showcase your products, with the added function of managing your inventory and taking payments online to delivery fulfilment.

If you offer a service, then a website listing your services and making it easy for clients to book appointments is essential.

Whatever the reason, a website can be a great way to reach potential customers and clients.

Now let's discuss what you need from a website and let's make it happen!


Website SEO

Is your website talking to Google? Is it saying the right keywords? Is it fully optimised with headings, alt Image text, page speed and more? Your website needs to do all this and more in order to have a wide reach on the world’s largest platform.

What is the first thing you do when your pipes burst at home? After switching off the mains, you probably jumped online and typed in 'find local plumbers'.

When you do that a list of local plumbers shows up. You are likely to click on the first few websites on this list.

As a plumber you want your business to be at the top or at least on page one of that search.

With the right optimisations, you can achieve this for your business. Make sure your business is speaking the right language and showing up where it matters!

I can start by doing a diagnosis check of your website to see how well it speaks with Google. The diagnosis will be used to create a list of actionable tasks to get your website fully optimised!

People are searching, so get found!


Logo Design

Creating a logo is a very important step for any new business. This is one of the key ways in which you set the scene for your story as a business. If I say the word Coca Cola (I bet you visualised the logo), Exactly! The logo you decide on should carefully reflect the brand and the narrative you want to create with the aim for your logo to become synonymous with your business name.

Branding is everything!

Now let's discuss what your businesses story is and how we can portray this in your logo.


Content Creation

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to reach and engage with your audience. Are you using it in the best way possible? are you maximizing its full potential? I can help you to plan a social media strategy and identify which platform would be best suited for your business. I can create new social media pages and also provide weekly and monthly management packages to offer regular post and maintenance of your social media pages.


I love blogging. It offers a nice therapeutic escape as I get lost in the content while putting myself in the place of the audience! Well, enough about me! Blogging is a vital tool to create organic SEO and get your website noticed by search engines.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords that is the Key! :)

I offer a blogging service with original content that is relevant to your business. You can have as much or as little input as you want.

Creative writing

My creative talents were spotted when I was 15 years old in secondary school when I wrote my first story. A friend read it and let's just say we've moved on a few years from then and she still remembers the story!

Story telling is important to building your brand. Do your audience still remember you after they have left your website or social page?

Contact me with your story and let's get it out there!


Graphic Design & Print

I am excited about my design and print service! I can design and print onto almost anything!

From the standard business collateral such as business cards, posters, leaflets, booklets, magazines and catalogue to promotional event items such as invitations, t-shirts, umbrellas, bags and so much more.

The design and print service goes as far as your imagination can take you.

Contact me about this service and I am confident we can make your imagination come alive.


Digital Marketing

Do you know the influence of social media on your business or event? Whatever your answer is come and see Lizzy Lloyd and let me help you maximize your use of social media to engage your current followers and attract new followers.

With tailored posting, detailed hashtags, social videos, and much more. You can also set a social media budget or we can do it organically, it's all up to you!

Contact me and let's get your business, service, or event trending!



With years of organising large scale career events at universities and college I understand how stressful event planning and organising can be. It certainly takes a village to create the perfect event.

With Lizzy Lloyds event service we work in a small team of experienced professionals in administration, logistics, customer service and catering. Together we make magic!

Are you opening your first shop? then a grand opening event can have a positive lasting effect on your business.

Now let's discuss your event, simply book a consultation.


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